Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The last 3 weeks

Below are a ton of pics that we've taken in the last several weeks that I feel are worth sharing.  My kids are just so darn cute!  Most of these have a sibling or Christmas/Winter theme.  Enjoy!

 Our family picture taken at the staff Christmas party.  Not as great as last year but I realized that I think this is the FIRST picture we've taken all together as a family of 4!
 Love Will's expression.
 Sibling love.

 I get this grin a hundred times a day.  heart!
 I get this look often in the day, too!  haha!  My little defiant one.  She got in trouble for getting into my make-up and then was mad when I tried to take a picture.
 Tummy time all around.
 I really like this picture.  It was taken the day we put up our Christmas decorations.
 Another happy grin.
 Male bonding.
 Someone did NOT want her brother to touch her during this "photo shoot."
 Sorry it's sideways.  Good side-by-side picture, though.
 My cute little Willie Bug.
 She looks so grown up here!  Like a beautiful posing model (except for her pacifier... wish she wasn't so addicted to that thing!)
 Mommy cuddle time.
 First snow day wonder.  She woke up from her nap to find this out the window.  Then she stared outside for at least 1/2 an hour jabbering excitedly.  (Side note:  I'm really going to miss those windows!)

 So excited!
 First time legitimately going outside to play in the snow.
 Glad it wasn't yellow!
All bundled up with her Daddy.

My Men

I have a ton of pictures I want to post but I thought these 2 deserved their own post.  I love my two men.  These pics were taken before Thanksgiving.  Do you see a resemblance? 

Saturday, December 1, 2012


When Will was born I immediately thought he looked exactly like Emma and that I would be accused of having twins 18 months apart.  However, as I look back on these pictures of both Emma and Will, I can definitely see a difference in my children.  They do also have similarities so I have posted a few pics below for you to make your own decision.  

Passport Pictures at 1-2 weeks old
Will =Left
Emma = Right
Emma 3 weeks
Will 3 weeks

Early smile from Emma
Early smile from Will

Emma 6 weeks
Will 10 weeks

Emma 2.5 months
Will 2.5 months
Love my little man!

My observations:

1.  We have a MUCH better camera now than we had with Emma :)
2.  Emma was chubbier earlier.
3.  Same cowlick.
4.  Different mouth.
5.  Will's eyes are bigger than Emma's (if that's even possible).
6.  I THINK Will might re-grow blond hair instead of the brownish-red hair that Emma has.
7.  From looking back at videos of Emma - she seemed to talk, laugh, and grab at things earlier than Will has.  (meaning he hasn't done them yet and she had).
8.  Will has a killer smile with that 1 dimple.  He will be a heartbreaker.  :)
9.  Emma looks more like her Mommy & Will looks more like his Daddy.
10.  Both of my kids are unique, special, and extremely CUTE!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Fall Pics

Hello All!  I do apologize for the 6 week absence from the blogging world.  You know what they say, "the transition from 1 kid to 2 kids is the hardest."  Well, we're finally starting to get into somewhat of a normal rhythm around here so I wanted to get some pictures uploaded before they, too, become old!  I still want to make a post about my parent's trip to visit us.  But, until then, enjoy these pictures I took yesterday of the kids at the park.  It was pretty cold, hence the crying 6 week old.  But, it was still fun!  Oh, and special thanks to Aunt Judy for making the kids' blankets.  We LOVE then!  

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

William Joseph Zanger

Introducing:  Our Little Stud Muffin  :)

Born:  Sept. 19, 2012   
Seoul, S. Korea
9 lb 5 oz.