Wednesday, September 26, 2012

William Joseph Zanger

Introducing:  Our Little Stud Muffin  :)

Born:  Sept. 19, 2012   
Seoul, S. Korea
9 lb 5 oz.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

(Another) Baby Update

41 wks + 2 days

Just quickly wanted to let everyone know that at our appointment today we set an induction date for Wednesday (Sept. 19) if our son does not arrive before then.  Obviously this isn't ideal but it is what we had to do for Emma as well.  Apparently, my body just likes hanging on to babies for a really long time.  There was no new progress at our appointment.  I am having some contractions but they aren't regular and so far they haven't done anything for me yet.  Please pray that God's will would be done here.  That our baby would arrive safely.  And that Emma would do well away from us (and us away from her) for several days this next week!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Birthday Weekend

First things first:  #1 - Yes, I am still pregnant.  I know you are all wondering but I currently don't have any signs of labor so we're still playing the waiting game.  Our next appointment is Friday and I'll be 1 week over at that point so I'll let you know more at that time.

#2 - Last weekend was my birthday (and due date) and I want to send out a thank you to all those who helped make it special for me... especially my wonderful husband.  Yes, we were able to go get those pedicures and if my feet weren't swollen, I'd show you a picture of how cute the design looks!  Thanks also to Eric for buying me a great Korean cookbook, taking me out to eat to a few of my favorite places, and for letting me buy a new pair of cute shoes, to Eric's parents for sending it to us (as well as giving us all birthday money to spend during the summer), to Laura for sending a cute Montana t-shirt (that I'm sure I'll be able to wear someday, post-pregnancy!), to Corrie for dropping off some Birthday brownies, and to many more people who said or wrote birthday greetings.  Thank You!!!

I suppose our Birthday festivities started off last Thursday when Emma suddenly had a fascination/obsession with a box of yellow cake mix that we had.  She wouldn't put it down, kept saying "bite" and then tried to eat the picture of the cupcake on the front.  So... that day we make cupcakes!  It wasn't really supposed to be for me (actually, we made blue frosting in honor of baby boy's birthday that was supposed to be coming soon).  But we sure had fun making them and made more than one mess.

 Then on Friday we had a doctor's appointment in Seoul.  It was a little disappointing since the Dr. told me that nothing had changed since the last week.  :(  But then Eric took Emma and I out to a great restaurant in Seoul that we hardly ever get to go to, "On The Border."  It was SO good!  And we had a great time doing something fun and out of the ordinary as a family.

 Emma just had to help me wipe my hands off before eating.

 Yep, there I am!  Or should I say, there WE are!  Ready to pop!
 Then on Saturday we went to a school volleyball game.  Emma enjoyed being around the people as always (me too!).  And she was also really into the game...
 and the water puddles outside...
and her best bud, Isaac!  :)

The rest of the weekend didn't go so well, as we found out that Emma was coming down with some sort of virus (Hand, Foot, & Mouth disease?) so we had to stay home.  And we've been sticking close to home all this week, too.  I guess it's a good thing I'm not in labor yet since we need to keep her away from other kids for a few more days.  Pray for us in this time of waiting!  And again, thank you for helping make my birthday special.

Fun Staff Events

These pictures are from a few weeks ago but I wanted to share a few of them from some of our recent staff events.  The 1st two are from our annual staff Progressive Dinner that we had at the beginning of the school year.  We went from house to house eating different courses of a great meal.  It was super fun and a great (sweaty) bonding time.  :)

 These next 2 pictures are of a staff meal we had at Rio Grill... a Brazilian Steak House.  If you've never been to one I HIGHLY recommend it.  Rounds and rounds and rounds of meat come to your table until you are stuffed to the gills.  The 2 people in the front right of this picture were actually visiting us from the Home Office of NICS so they took us all out to dinner!
 Our WHOLE ICS family (minus 3 kids I think)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Morning Videos

Just a small fraction of our 17 month old's vocabulary.  :)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Baby Update

39 weeks + 2 days

Hello all!  With less than a week left until our little one is guesstimated to be born, I bet many of you wouldn't mind a little update on what is going on in our lives... particularly our little boy's life.  Well, he is happy, cozy, healthy, normal sized, head-down and just waiting to make his entrance into this world. We had a doctor's appointment yesterday and were very encouraged.  This time we don't have any of the swelling/blood pressure issues to worry about (yay!).  I am 50% effaced, with slight dilation, and the baby's station is -1ish (if you know what that means)  (it's good.)  :)  And as we were saying goodbye to the doctor he said that he's pretty sure the baby will come sometime in this next week.  Hopefully he's right because we are gearing up for it and might be a tad disappointed if our son doesn't arrive by next Friday.  However, Emma was 10 days LATE so you never know.  I'm just happy that everything seems on track and our baby should be here soon!!!  

So this weekend we are doing laundry, cleaning up our house, packing our bags (yes, we hadn't done that yet), and getting all our ducks in a row for our trip to the hospital.  We're also going to be going to a birthday dinner for a fellow staff member tonight (and it happens to be at my favorite restaurant!).  And sometime in the next few days Eric and I are hoping to get away for a little while to have MY birthday date... Pedicures!  Wouldn't that feel nice right about now?  :)  

Okie dokie!  We'll let you know when things get rolling!