Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Sermon

Click on the link above to hear the sermon Eric preached in church this morning.

A few pics from Spirit Week

Wacky Tacky DayEric posing as a nerd with practically the only 7th grader who dressed up with him.Twin Day!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

All Things Baby

So this last weekend has been a big weekend with several of our activities being related to Baby. On Friday we went up to Samsung Medical Center in Seoul for our 1st doctor visit with the Doctor we'll be delivering with. We were really impressed with the facilities, the Doctor, the tests they ran, the fact that they have an International Section with doctors and nurses who speak English, and the general service they gave us (but of course it's Korea, so would you expect less?) Doctor Kim checked me out thoroughly, let us ask lots of questions, and also had us get an Ultrasound and do a Non-Stress Test (which measures stress on the baby and if you are having any contractions). Everything came out normal. He, like everyone else, said the baby is a little big but that it was no problem. We are excited to continue going there. Our next appointment is in 3 weeks. Here are a few pictures from our little excursion.
Me on the 4th floor of the parking garage with the Hospital behind me.Talking with Dr. Kim in his office.
Me getting the Ultrasound. See my big belly?
A couple of the Ultrasound pics. Again, sorry for the blurriness.Is that hair I see???

Then today I had a Baby Shower hosted by several ladies from our school.
The ladies who helped plan the Shower.
The beautiful cake Mylene made for the shower.Opening some of the gifts. Don't you just love the blanket and teddy bear that Grace MADE for our baby?? I think they are awesome!Then, this weekend Eric and I have been working on transforming the baby room from looking like this...and something more like this...and this. It's not perfect yet, but at least things are progressing!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Christmas: Part 2

Opening gifts with Larry & Bonnie in Chicago.
Didn't get a picture of Julie & Jerry, but we did get a picture of me opening their baby gift for us! Thanks so much!Eric had fun assembling our new Pack 'n Play and Stroller/Car Seat from Bonnie & Larry.The finished products.Guess what Eric & I did on New Year's Eve??? :) Well, we also went to see the movie "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader." Good movie! Good date!Elise, Kyle, & I at the Family Baby Shower that Bonnie & Laura threw for us. Thanks ladies! We didn't take many pictures at this event because others were taking them and we'll get the pics from them later.Friends and Family who came to the Shower.We got to spend an afternoon/evening visiting Laura, Kent, and the kids. Always a fun time.Me with our 6 billion bags attempting to leave the country. Amazingly enough, ALL our luggage made it AND we didn't have to pay anything extra to take the stroller and car seat with us! Praise God!

Well, thus concludes our Holiday trip to the States. Stay tuned in the coming months for much more baby news. But for now I'll leave you with one last picture. We also had to buy a new computer over Christmas and decided to go with a MacBook this time. There are some cool features on here. One night we laughed SO hard playing with the photobooth taking wacky pictures of ourselves. Here is my favorite of Eric. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Oh dear! It's been SO LONG! And I feel that I have about 50 pictures to show you all from our wonderful Christmas trip to the States. This is going to be hard to choose, so I'll just try to put as many on as I can.

Christmas was great and now we are back in Korea in the swing of things again with school and all. We've almost been here a week but jet lag still has it's holds on us a bit. Things are going well, though. We are still loving our jobs at school, are preparing our house for Baby Zanger, and in general, enjoying our lives here. For those who hadn't heard, we WILL be here next school year too. Eric teaching and me at home with the baby. Things are about to change a LOT in our lives but we are looking forward to it. Only 2 months left!

Ok, here are the promised pictures from the last month. Enjoy!
Eric got to give a short devotion for our family Christmas Eve service in Kansas. He did a GREAT job!

Of course my brother played the music for the evening and it was fantabulous as well!Rarely sighted, but no less loved cousins.At the Lambert family Christmas, Baby Z got called to sit on Santa's lap! :)The Big Lambert Family (minus a few people in Africa)Our Little Lambert FamilyThe ZANGERS!Undercover Secret Santa's - filling Mom's stockingChristmas morning - headed to Western Plains on our "secret" goodie bag giving quest.Eric's favorite gift this Christmas - an iPod Touch!Can't keep a pregnant woman away from her Cherry Mash on Christmas! Thanks for making it, Jada.The car battery died on our 2nd Sunday in Kansas... so Eric and I had to walk to church. It was a BEAUTIFUL frosty morning!Leaving Kansas, Come Again!

Ok, so there were LOTS more people that we visited in KS but I'm running out of room and we didn't so much take as many pictures at those particular events. Sorry! But we enjoyed our time thoroughly. I think I'm going to have to break and start a "Christmas Part 2" post because this has gotten SO LONG! Hope you enjoyed it! Next up: Christmas in Chicago.