Tuesday, November 30, 2010

25 weeks, 1 Day

Can you see the cleft in my daughter's chin??? I know the picture of the picture is fuzzy but if you look really close you can tell that our baby girl is gonna resemble her daddy! Isn't it amazing what you can see even before babies are born?We had a more detailed ultrasound appointment this morning and everything checked out just normal for Baby Z. I am 25 weeks, 1 Day pregnant but she is actually measuring 26 weeks, 0 days. And this has been pretty consistent from the beginning. And they said she is 846 grams in weight which is close to 2 pounds! They checked her internal organs (liver, brain, kidneys, heart, bladder) and said that everything looked normal. No sign of heart disease or brain abnormality. No cleft palate (is that how you spell it?). Her femur is something like 5 or 6 cm long. She said "bigger than a Korean baby." I laughed a little. Yep, my baby is a little bigger than normal babies around here.

We get the results of my glucose/gestational diabetes test back in a few days so you can keep us in prayer for that. Other than that, things are going pretty well! We get to go in again in 2 weeks right before we leave for the States for Christmas. So, you can look forward to another update much sooner!

God bless!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Special Thanksgiving Service

Tonight our ICS staff were invited to Mr. Song's (our handyman's) church for a special Thanksgiving Service. They had asked Eric to preach the sermon and Miss Song (not married to Mr. Song) translated it into Korean for him. Above is a picture of him preaching. below is a video of Mr. Song in the crowd singing one of the hymns. You can tell that he loves God SO MUCH! I think he was the loudest singer there. It was cool to hear half the congregation singing the words in English and half singing in Korean. Ah, the body of Christ.

Hello from the Family!

Just preparing for Baby Z to arrive...