Thursday, April 28, 2011

Emma's Baby Dedication

We were blessed a few weeks back to be able to have a baby dedication in church for Emma. For clarification, this was not a baptism because we believe you must be a believer before you should do that. (And we know Emma is still way too young to have made that decision). But I suppose a dedication is more for the parents. That we promise to raise Emma in a Godly home and teach her to love Him so that one day, Lord-willing, she would have a personal relationship with Him too. My brother was able to video the whole thing (in 3 parts) so for those who weren't there and would like to see... you can!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Goodbye! We will miss you!

So, yesterday I had to put my family back on the bus for the airport and say farewell. It was really sad to see them go. It seems their time here went WAY too quick. I wish we could have had more adventures out and about in Korea, but this time their trip was much more docile and local. But I suppose they got a good glimpse of what our life really is like around here. And their help with baby Emma was fantastic. Now I'm on my own!!! Yikes! So far in the first 24 hours we've done pretty good. No major meltdowns (from either of us). :)

Here is another photo of their time here with us. After this post you can look forward to a more thorough post about Emma's baby dedication and a post I've been dying to make containing pics of just Emma in all her cuteness. Stay tuned!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Visitors from the East...

Yay! My mom and brother, Mark, have been visiting us here in Korea for the past week. It has been wonderful to have them around to help out around the house and with Emma. And it has been great fun showing off Korea to them (again) and of course, showing off our precious Emma. They both have had much cuddle time with her, which is wonderful. Too bad she won't remember it! However, we have taken many pictures to document this even. I'm going to try and refrain from posting the cute pics we've taken just of Emma this past week and save those for later. This post will be dedicated to the things we've done that include Grandma Annie and Uncle Mark.
Going for a walk in our neighborhood.
At the subway station waiting for a train ride up to Seoul with some of our ICS friends.
Mark holding the stroller up so it doesn't tip on an escalator in a subway station.
Mom, Emma & I at the Cherry Blossom Festival.
Cherry Blossoms!It was a long day out and an even longer trip home (long story). Emma's face pretty much sums it all up.Baby dedication at church. (More to come on this later)Lots of yummy food eating out.Lots of Grandma love!

More of their trip to come later!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Daddy's Injury

Last Saturday Eric was off playing baseball with his Korean League baseball team when another player decided to slide right into Eric's ankle trying to get to 2nd base. Eric already had our car so we had to call our pastor to come pick him (and Emma and me) up and take us to the ER at the hospital. Thankfully the leg is not broken, but Eric does have to wear a splint right now and use crutches. It has been very hard on him to get around, teach (on the 3rd floor of the school), and not be able to help out around the house and with Emma as much. But thankfully, God's timing is perfect and my mom and brother are here visiting now and have been so much help. Eric has an MRI scheduled for Friday to see if there was any ligament damage so if you think of us, you can be praying for that as well. I would LOVE for there to not be a bad problem and for the healing process to only take a week or two instead of months. Having Daddy on crutches is no fun!

Emma's 1st (chaperoned) Date

Last week Emma's 1st friend, Isaac Daniel Lantz, was born. These two had previously been in-utero friends for quite a long time. So, we took a trip up to the birthing clinic to congratulate the new mommy and daddy and so that Emma and Isaac could have their 1st real date!
Welcome to the world Isaac!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Random Pics

Our little Sweet Pea!
Emma's 1st Subway ride
Raise your hand(s) if you think I'm the cutest little Emma Bear you know!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Daddy's Favorite Pasttime...

Ok, so maybe not. But I'm proud of my love for taking care of some of the big poopies. I appreciate your help, Love!