Wednesday, August 18, 2010

10 Week Ultrasounds

Sorry they are a bit blurry. I was taking a picture of the picture. The last ones are 3D.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Announcement Time!!!!

Eric's gonna be a daddy!
Taken: July 7, 2010

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Chicago: Part 2

The rest of our time in Chicago, interspersed among visiting people, we spent a good amount of time packing up all of Eric's stuff from his "previous life" :) and then driving it all down to KS to store it there. It was a long process and a quick turn-around trip but we got 'er done!The finished product in Kansas!Bonnie had a family get-together at her house and this is a picture of Eric playing "jump on the coasters" with Matea.Grandma Agnes was cold. :)We were also able to meet up with a few former students of ours from Korea. Above is Casey Peterson who graduated 2 years ago. And below is Eric Chun who also graduated 2 years ago. Both have gone on to do some pretty amazing stuff. We are proud of them both!Well, that's it! It was a long and whirlwind summer but we enjoyed every second of it! Stay tuned for more exciting posts to come soon! ;)

Anniversary Trip - Galena, IL

We took a few days out from Chicago to go on an anniversary trip to Galena, IL. We stayed in a really nice Bed & Breakfast place in the country called the Hawk Valley Retreat. It was a nice place to just go and relax for a few days.There is a very quaint downtown area in Galena with several great places to eat.We drove about an hour away and visited the Field of Dreams movie site. Eric is a big fan of that movie so getting to go here was a special treat.

Chicago: Part 1

One of the 1st things we did when we got to Chicago was attend/help at our nephew, Kyle's 7th Birthday Party. It was baseball themed so all the little boys got to bring their gloves and play baseball with the help of Kent, Eric, and Grandpa Larry.Then it was back to the house for cake and more play.Then, the next day Grandpa Larry got his own birthday dinner at the Born's house as well.We got to spend a few days with the Borns and were able to spend part of a day in downtown Chicago with Laura and the kids. Very fun seeing all the sights and eating at a great Greek restaurant.

Visit with the Boysens - Lincoln, NE

Our good friends, Mark & Crystal Boysen, let us come visit them for a few days before we headed up to Chicago. It was fun hanging out with them and playing with their 2 adorable children.And a special thanks to Mark who drove us up and back from the airport in Omaha several times this summer. You're the best, Mark!

Kansas: Part 2

We came back to Smith Center just for a few short days before heading on. For me a highlight of that time was our awesome 4th of July bash we had at Mom & Dad's with tons of family. If you've never had a Kansas fireworks party, you've been deprived. My husband, the city boy, loved getting to help set off all the huge fireworks my brother had. It was a good time had by all.Sorry, no night spectacular pics. But it was amazing!Our family was also able to take a day trip down to Hutchinson, KS to the Cosmosphere space museum. Really interesting stuff and a great day spent with my parents and brother.And finally, we celebrated our almost 1 year anniversary before we left by eating the cake topper from our wedding that had been frozen at my parent's all year. Still yummy!

PFO - Memphis/Southaven, MS

For 2 weeks in the middle of the Summer we went down to Southaven, MS to be advisors at the Pre-Field Orientation (PFO) for all new teachers with our organization. We had a blast meeting and hanging out with all of our new Pyongtaek teachers as well as advising a group of 5 couples going to several other schools around the world.
A bunch of our new teachers.Our advising group.Our gracious host family - The Millers

College World Series - Omaha

For Father's Day, we took the weekend and went up to Omaha for a day of baseball at the College World Series. It was the last year for it to be held at the Rosenblatt Stadium. Eric's dad flew down and my dad and brother were also able to come. In addition, a few of our friends from Lincoln and Oklahoma made the trip as well. It was a great weekend!The men... except only part of Mark's arm. Sorry Mark!

Kansas: Part 1

Our time in Kansas was epitomized by lots of family time. It was great getting to spend so much time with my immediate family as well as lots of cousins, Aunts, and Uncles. There's nothing better than Kansas in the summertime! :) Lots of food, games, and time outdoors.