Thursday, February 18, 2010


Yay for snow days and cancelled school! It doesn't take much for things to shut down here... as you can see from the pictures. Actually, by the time these pictures were taken, most of the snow was already melted off. Ha! But we are very thankful for the rest and have filled our time with naps, researching soccer training drills, dishes, eating pizza & brownies, watching some Olympics, and catching up with my brother on the phone. Hopefully soon I will workout on the Wii too! All the makings of a great, unexpected day off.
And, no, this isn't our car.... the snow had already melted off of ours by this time. :)Just chillin' with the cat....

Monday, February 15, 2010

This Weekend

After weeks of seemingly nothing interesting to take pictures of and share, this weekend has had a plethora of noteworthy events that have happened. It has been a 3 day weekend for us, NOT because of President's Day today but because this weekend was Lunar New Year. And then yesterday was Valentine's Day. So any way you look at it, you have something to celebrate and an extra day off. So here is what we've been up to:

Saturday: My husband the fix-it-man!

Saturday morning we spent cleaning up around the house and my wonderful husband came up with a brilliant idea to fix our broken futon.... Duct Tape! So here he is displaying his handiwork. Now, the couch does not lean anymore and holds together quite nicely! Thanks, Baby!
The finished product.

Then in the afternoon, our Korean neighbors brought us up a huge tray of traditional Korean food to share with us as part of their Lunar New Year celebration. Yay for Lunar New Year! It was really yummy!

Sunday: Valentine's Day!

Well, Eric had this wonderful idea to go out to eat at AK Plaza last night for Valentine's Day. So we drove all the way to Pyongtaek and when we got into the station... all the shops and the restaurants were CLOSED! Stupid Lunar New Year! Ok, so stupid us for not realizing everything would be shut down on this holiday weekend. :)

So, we drove back to Songtan (where we live) and went to our favorite Bude Chigae restaurant. Thankfully, they were open. The food was delicious and we had a great time!

Monday: Game Night/Birthday Party for our friends: Matt & Beka

We invited a bunch of our friends over tonight to play Martha Washington Bridge. This game has always been a crowd pleaser and tonight was no exception. I loved preparing for the party... especially the cooking part. Below is a table of the food we served. I also served Taco Soup. Yay for my big stock pot!

The prize for the winner: a Snickers Bar

The prize for the loser: a Dum Dum

Ok, well, that was our weekend. Now back to school tomorrow. Soccer practice also begins tomorrow. Pray for me especially since I don't fully know what I'm doing! I'll let you know how it goes.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Boy, Can My Baby PREACH!

I'm very proud to post this link today of the sermon Eric preached at church today. Our pastor was gone again and asked Eric to fill in again. This is the 3rd time this school year. Eric loves doing it, and I must say... he does a fantastic job!

Click on the link below and then play the sermon, "When It All Goes Bad."