Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer 2012: Part 2

Part 2:  Kansas

When we flew into Omaha it was needless to say that my parents couldn't wait to get their hands on Emma.  With all the traveling we'd been doing it took her a little while to warm up to them, but not long.  I think skypeing throughout the year helped Emma recognize them somewhat.
 This picture is just for posterity to say that "Yes, we DID bring out cat all the way from Korea to Kansas when Emma was 1."  And the cat survived just fine.  :)
 While in Omaha we did a little house hunting in preparation for our move there next year.  It ended up that we weren't able to buy one at that time, but it was sure fun looking!  (btw... this is the house we stayed at, NOT the one we were looking to buy.)
A family photo taken after church.  It was great that my brother, Mark, was also able to be in Kansas the whole time we were there.

Fireworks stand = Fail.  This year we were all geared up to run another fireworks stand for 10 days again but within the 1st day of selling we were shut down due to a county burn ban because of the 115 degree scorching weather.  So, Mark and Eric put in a lot of set-up and tear-down time but in the end, we were able to have an extra week of relax/family time together.

 These pictures are a little out of order because they were taken from 3 different cameras but we were able to spend some time down in the country with my Mom's folks.  Don't forget that there is a 5th person in this picture, too!

 You can't go to Kansas in the Summer and not do a little corn shucking in order to eat some delicious corn on the cob!
 This Summer Emma got lots of car seat time.
 Just a cute one of my baby before bath time.
 Another one for posterity of Emma playing with her kitty, Jack, in Kansas.
 Speaking of Kansas... Emma and her cousin, Kansas, are 6 months apart in age and ended up having a pretty good time together in Kansas.  :)
 Jewelry and shoes.
 Emma with Great Grandma Myers
 Emma with Great Grandpa Myers
 Just playing.
 These two had a special bond.  Every morning my dad would take Emma out on a walk around the block in the stroller.  It was a highlight each day for Emma.
 We were able to get lots of good pool time this Summer.
 Too bad Mommy didn't have a maternity suit.  But, hey, who would have taken the group pictures if I had been in the water too?
 Uncle Mark!
 Eskimo Kisses
 Me and my 2 babies on the 4th of July.
 Since we weren't  able to shoot off any fireworks this year, our family took a day trip down to the Rolling Hills Zoo.  It was a hot day, but we managed to have fun and get in some more good photo opps. 
 On the tram at the zoo.
My love and I in the back seat on the way home.

We were also able to spend some good time at Granddad Joe's house and also at Aunt Judy and Uncle Larry's house but alas... no pictures.  Sorry!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer 2012: Part 1

Oh, man!  Has it really been that long since I've blogged???  Sorry about that!  Guess I just never got around to blogging while we were in the States and now we're back in Korea with about 300 photos to share!  Where do I even start?  I guess break our Summer down in to 4 parts correlating with the 4 major places we stayed at this summer:  Chicago, Kansas, Lincoln, & Chicago (again).  So I guess here goes!

Part 1 - Chicago

*Disclaimer:  We were really bad about pulling out the camera during this 1st leg of the trip so several of these pics are low quality because they were taken on Eric's ipod.
 1st we took a LOOOOONNNNGGGG trip from our house in Korea to Eric's parent's house in Chicago.  In tow we had 5 large bags, 5 small bags, 1 stroller, 1 car seat, 1 CAT, 1 baby, 1 Daddy, and 1 pregnant Mama!  (Don't worry, we left the cat in Kansas so didn't have QUITE as much to bring back with us)  :)
 When we got to Chicago we spent lots of quality time with Grandpa and Grandma Zanger.  Unfortunately, the only pictures we took were of Emma playing!  She enjoyed hanging out with them, playing with their toys, and going to the park!  (well, quality time during the day, that is.  WE were also spending quality time up at night too due to a horribly jetlagged baby.)
 Then we trekked on over to Aunt Laura and Uncle Kent's house for a few days.  Emma got to enjoy her 1st pool experience of the summer with the Borns.  I was worried because she wasn't doing well with bathtime, but... she loved the pool!
 Emma, Daddy, & cousin Kyle
 Emma loved leading her cousins around.  And they just adored her!
 Cousin Jason and Emma
 We had a big birthday/father's day cookout at the Borns with all of the family.  Good times had by all.
More playing with Cousin Elise.

We also did a little shopping, a little visiting with more family members, some tv watching, some eating of great food, and a lot of sleeping 9at odd times).  Then we headed off to Kansas (via 2 days in Nebraska).  That post will be coming shortly.