Thursday, January 31, 2013

Life from Emma's perspective

So recently Emma got ahold of our two old cameras.  We let her play with them and she just loves pushing all the buttons and going around pretending to take pictures and saying "cheese!" as she holds the camera up to her face.  She even found some new settings on one of them that I didn't even know existed!  I found these pictures on our camera and thought it might be interesting to show you some of what life from Emma's perspective must look like.  (and yes, the pictures of her weren't actually taken by her, but I thought they were still in the essence of this post).  Enjoy!


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Christmas Break

Well, needless to say, this post is very late.  It encompasses about a months time so these pictures include both when Will turned 3 months old AND 4 months old.  Wow!  Time flies!  Our Christmas break did NOT turn out like we had expected it to.  Eric had a full 3 weeks off from school.  But when Emma came down with a fever on the very 1st night of break we knew we were not in for fun.  She ended up being sick for at least a week and then Will got sick, too.  There was even a day that Eric was sick.  We ended up going to the Doctor FIVE times over break.  It would have only been 3 if we were in the States because here the Doctors only give you medicine for 3 days and then make you come back.  And the last Dr.'s appointment was Will's 4 month WELL-baby checkup.  :)  (13.5 pounds and growing strong!)  We ended up missing church the Sunday before Christmas as well as the church's Christmas Eve service and a group gathering at our friend's house on Christmas Eve.  But we were able to make it to our Staff gathering on Christmas Day for a little while even though I forgot to take pictures.  We DID end up getting to have a fun outing toward the end of break to Pororo Park, a children's play place about 30 minutes from here.  And even though we stayed home a lot over break and had a lot of sickness and melt-downs, I have to say that I still enjoyed our break and that we ended up bonding more as a family.  We got into a rhythm at home with Eric being there and it was sad when he actually had to go back to school.  We weren't consistent in taking pictures over break but below I think you'll find a good smattering of what our break looked like.  Again, sorry for the wait!
Our family at the school Christmas concert.

Eric had to do a lot of transcripts for his Seniors over break.  I wish those college applications were due at a different time!
This picture is out of order but it is of us hosting the ICS staff kids at our house on New Year's Eve for a pizza and movie party while the adults had a game night at another house.
Emma now knows what beaters are for!  She loved helping me make Christmas Cookies.

Yep... we started this over break.  She actually got REALLY good at going to the bathroom on the potty seat and was even dry all night a few times and then... she must have got scared or something and now REFUSES to go on the potty.  :(  Well... she'll go about once a day but for all intents and purposes, I guess we're taking a break and will try again after awhile.
3 Month old Will decided he liked standing up!
And then the sickness hit.  :(
We made several "tents" and Emma loved it!
Christmas Day.  We didn't take too many pictures.
I'm going to miss our little house.
Christmas morning pancakes.
New PJ's from Aunt Laura and the Borns.

And then there was more of this...
And this.
But we did get better and have some fun.

And enjoyed our Skyline Hunting Lodge shirts.  Thanks, Granddad!

At Pororo Park watching the 3D movie.
Emma and Eric (mostly Eric :) ) LOVED the bouncy castle.
Family Picture.
Pororo is on the right.  He is a famous Korean cartoon character.
These last ones are just random ones from around the house lately.

Emma's BEST friend, Isaac.

She LOVES her Pororo shirt we got her at the Park.

4 months old!!!