Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Looks Like Someone Is Ready For Her Big Trip!

This morning she dragged this empty suitcase all the way from the bedroom to the living room.  Just 5 more days, Love!


Well, my "babies" from my first 6th grade class that I taught here in 2005 just graduated last weekend.  Out of the class of 21 kids in 6th grade, I believe that only 5 of them were still here as Seniors.  (There were 8 total graduates).  At any rate, I am very proud of them!  I learned a LOT from teaching that class!  It is also neat that Eric was also able to teach them in HS and he will tell you that this was his favorite class yet!  We will miss them at ICS.  Just for fun, I looked back on my old blog and copied a few pictures of when these kids were in 6th grade.  You can compare what they looked (and acted like) back then and now.  Enjoy!
 The 6th graders in my class who dressed up for wacky-tacky day.  Rebecca and HeeJung are the two at the right in the back.  Chris is second from the right on the bottom.
HeeJung is on the left.
 Chris is on the right.

 The class after they performed their play for "Korea Week."
 Chris  (Student Council President)
HeeJung  (Valedictorian)