Saturday, January 23, 2010


This past week was Spirit Week at ICS. Eric and I (and the rest of the school) had fun dressing up in crazy outfits each day. Below are the resulting pictures. Enjoy! :)

Monday: Wacky-Tacky Day

Tuesday: Trend Day (Eric's Trend was... NERD!)

Wednesday: Class Color Day (My class color was Green!)

Thursday: Represent your Class (The Junior Class made T-Shirts and gave one to Eric since he is their Study Hall teacher)Friday: Spirit Day

This One Is For Aftan :)

To my past hair-dying partner in crime: I MISS YOU!

I had to hire a substitute the other day because I just couldn't wait any longer to dye my hair... we had fun, but... hopefully again one day....


Saturday, January 16, 2010


I feel bad for not posting more often that I do. However, we just forget to take pictures of all the things we do. So for now... these are the only pictures on our camera.
Pic #1 - Eric setting up our Wii
Pic #2 - Me attempting to play one of the Wii Fit games on the balance board.
Video - Eric playing a boxing game with our Director, Tad... who happens to be one of his best friends. Hilarious video!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas in Chicago

This post is a continuation of the previous post about our Christmas Trip to the states. After several days in Smith Center, we flew up to Chicago to spend a week with Eric's side of the family. These 1st few pictures are of Christmas Day at Eric's parent's house. Below, Larry works on the yams to help Bonnie make her famous Sweet Potatoes and Marshmallows. They were amazing!Our niece and nephews, eager to open all of their gifts from under the Christmas tree.Eric with the books I gave him for part of his gift.The calendars I made for gifts were a big hit! Thank you Snapfish! :)

We were also able to head over to Eric's Aunt Sandie's house Christmas night and spend a few hours with some of his extended family over there. Here is a picture of Bonnie, Grandma Agnes, and Ed.Me with little Will. Such a cutie!One of the things Eric and I love to do as a couple (and with others) is play games. My Mom got this game, "Ticket to Ride," for us for Christmas and we played it a lot over the break. I highly recommend it! And yes, I like to have fun setting up all my little train pieces. :) Eric was able to share a little bit at church about our ministry here in Korea. Here he is being interviewed by Pastor Ziegler.

We were also able to spend 2 days up in Wilmette with Eric's sister's family. We loved hanging out with the kids and catching up with Kent and Laura. Thank you so much to them and everyone else who hosted us during this time.

The kids had a Wii and talked Eric into playing. Above is a special video (wink, wink) of Eric standing on the Wii Fit board trying to make the bird on the screen fly. Very funny to watch! Coincidentally, we liked the Wii Fit program so much that we used our Christmas money and went out and bought one for ourselves. Hopefully we will be able to get it set up today and start using it to work out with.

And then.... it was over. After 2 great weeks we had to come home to Korea. This final picture was of us yesterday getting ready to check-in for our 13 hour flight back home. It was a good flight (save for the screaming baby next to us), and we were even able to get home and unpack before going to bed at 9:30pm. Not a bad day's work. Thank you to all the people we were able to spend time with. We actually did much more than what the pictures show but alas, who remembers to take pictures of every moment of their life. Well, Christmas is over.... now to set up the Wii! God Bless!


Christmas in Kansas

We made it! Sorry for the long absence, but Eric & I were just on our whirlwind Christmas trip and just got back to Korea last night. We had a great trip visiting family and friends and wish that we could have stayed with them all longer. The next 2 posts will be about the 2 parts of our trip... Kansas & Chicago. Enjoy! Me & Grandma at a get-together we had at Aunt Debbie's house.

This is a video of me when we were playing a game of "Guesstures" at Aunt Debbie's house. Eric especially likes my little victory hop at the end. :)
These next few pictures are of Christmas at the Lambert household. Notice how Orlando was decked out for the occasion.

A highlight of this part of the trip was the opportunity I had to play "Away In A Manger" as a duet with my brother at church on Sunday. The picture above is of us practicing for it at home the night before. And the video below is of us playing it a church. I love getting to hear Mark play the piano... and when he asks me to play with him... even better! He does the hard part and I just sit there and look good! Ha!

We had to cut our KS trip a little short because of bad weather coming so Mark and Dad were troopers and took us up to the airport in Kansas City. This last picture is of Mark, Eric, & I having our final meal at the airport. Part 2 of our trip is coming next! Stay tuned....