Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mission Trip Pics!

Ok, so I finally was able to go through all of our Mission Trip photos (about 500 of them!) and I still wasn't very good at narrowing them down to just a few to share. So here is about 25 of them! We had a great week of serving, sweating, and having fun in the Philippines. As always, there is a bent toward showing lots of Emma pics. Sorry for that. But then again... I doubt you'll mind. ;) She's just so CUTE!
Our team about to leave for the airport at Songtan Bus Terminal.
Daddy and Emma on the way to the airport. Philippines, here we come!
Church on Sunday. We were invited to lead the service at our friend, Myles', Ministry Center.
Eric got to preach the sermon. It was so HOT!
This is how we bathed our child in the Philippines. Improvisation is key.
We did a few feeding at this place, called "tent city." The government built these "nice" homes for typhoon refuge victims from 2 years ago (see our pics from our LAST mission trip). But the problem is that this place is WAY out in the middle of no where so these people have no way of getting jobs, making money, getting enough food and clothing, etc. And... now the government isn't supporting them anymore so they are just stuck there. Very sad.
New Faith Family Children's Home. This is part of Kid's International Ministries. We've been coming here for about 5 years now and have seen some of the kids grow up. We got lots of time to hold babies, play with the kids, and lead evening devotions with them while here.
The kids and Eric did some painting on new classrooms for the school.
At Myles' Ministry Center again. We did 2 feedings there as well. It was a great time to just sit down and talk with some of the kids (and play). This girl here, in the yellow, was named Princess and she really made an impact on Eric & I.
The kids lining up to get Birthday Brownies.
Eric handing out new "slippers" (flip-flops) to the kids at the ministry center. Our team bought these and tons of personal hygiene/toiletries products to the kids. Otherwise, they often go without.
This is us with Myles.
Our little bear being silly.
My two loves.
They team got to read to school kids each afternoon in the school's library.
For fun our team and all the kids from the Children's home, all the girls from the Girl's home, and all the workers associated with KIM got to go to a semi-professional basketball game to see Jeff Long's son, Kirk, play. This is us with Joan, the girl we sponsor. It was great getting so spend some personal time with her. And she just loved baby Emma.
The entire group who went to support Kirk. You can see him in the middle near the front with the bball jersey on.

Another feeding at tent city.
Changing into her swimsuit for a fun afternoon at a waterfall!
Daddy and Emma at the falls.
Eric taking a leap off the cliff at the waterfall. (not the same cliff as seen above). :)
Drinking soda out of a bag. Oh yeah!
We got to eat out at Chili's our last night. YUM! And it was also Emma's first time to order a kid's meal. She had fun "coloring," which mostly meant trying to eat the crayons.
Such a goofball!
And then we traveled home on Saturday with a ONE YEAR OLD! :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Girl or Boy?

16 Weeks +4 Days

We went to the Doctor yesterday and had a great check-up! Our baby is doing so well! Head size is measuring 17 weeks. Heart rate is 140 bpm. There are no malformations of the nose or upper lip. The detail of the little hands, ribs, backbone, etc. was just amazing to see. AND... we found out the gender of our baby! If you'd like to know, please watch this video:

I'm sorry that you have to go to youtube to watch it, but for some reason, blogger wouldn't let me upload to here. The sound on the video is bad BUT, like I said, the details of the sonogram are pretty darn good. (Hint: Watch the arrow!) Have fun!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

Ok, so I know I've been silent on here for quite a while now and that's mostly been due to being out of the country on our Mission Trip to the Philippines last week. However, before I share about that, I need to spend an important moment focusing on this ONE YEAR OLD little girl! We had a birthday party for her a week ago Saturday - the same day we also flew out to the Philippines. It was a fun, Rainbow themed party with about 20 people crammed into our little apartment. But we had fun, and Emma seemed to enjoy the gifts and attention. Here are a few pictures from the event.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Mission Trip Fundraiser Dinner

On Thursday night we had our final mission trip fundraising event. A dinner. Our mission team served a great meal (cooked by Mylene and our wonderful kitchen ladies), and had some good entertainment including a Philippine trivia game and a traditional Philippines folk tale acted out. We also showed a few slideshows and videos of the ministry we will be joining with again while there. (Kids International Ministries) And Eric shared what we will be doing specifically (mostly construction work and feedings this time) and he also gave the gospel to those in attendance. Overall I think it was a great night... very informative and entertaining at the same time. Unfortunately I did not get pictures of everything that went on that night so these few will have to do.Kids and teachers serving the food.
The big group.
More serving. Lasagna was SO YUMMY in a country where you can't get the right cheeses or noodles. (or afford the expensive beef!) Mylene worked her magic - ie - base food. :)
Shannon about to narrate the folk tale with other teachers who "volunteered" to be actors.

Silly Bear

A few pics of what our life looks like daily...Mmm, mmm, mac 'n cheese!
She sits in this basket EVERY DAY!!!

We have a walker!