Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Brookfield Zoo

Monday we took a trip to the zoo with Grandma Bonnie. Of course Emma won't remember a thing but she did really well for being out in the hot sun all day. Here are the resulting pics.

So long America! See you on the flip side!

Other Random Happenings in Oak Brook

We've been in Oak Brook now for about 3 weeks and the time is quickly coming where we will have to say goodbye. On Thursday we will make the long trek back over the ocean. (Can you believe that this will be my 25th time doing it???) So before we leave I'd like to update you all on our happenings here. Hopefully, I'll have enough time to do one last post about our trip to the zoo as well. Then... Lord willing, our next post will be from Korea again!Quality time with Grandpa on the blanket.
Emma playing with Daddy's toes. A win-win situation for both since Eric LOVES to have his feet tickled and Emma LOVES to grab and play with anything she can get her hands on.
Another evidence of the reaching/grabbing stage. We were able to have our good friends, the Thorners, over for a Korean meal. We had a great time with them. And as usual, this is a picture of Gene being ornery. :)
Christine and Emma.
Grandma and Emma. Aren't they pretty?
Sunday dress. (This one's for you, Mom.) :)
Family gathering of the Agnes side. This is a picture of Eric with his Aunt Sandy. I'm telling you, those good-looking, Agnes genes run deep!
Emma meeting her cousin, Brian, and Jane, his mom.
Show her how it's done, Brian!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Weekend at the Born's

We spent last weekend at Eric's sister's house. They are such an upbeat family so we had a blast doing many different activities with them. Emma was actually really tuckered out after a weekend of trying to keep up with all of her active cousins. But it was so great to be able to spend that time with them since we won't be able to see them again for another year!Lots of great "Uncle" playtime.
Family birthday bash for Grandpa Larry and Kyle.

We went to Kyle's kid birthday party at Nickel City.
Emma loved watching cousin Elise ride her horse.

Picnic at the beach.

2nd swimming experience = SUCCESS!
Isn't she beautiful?!

Thank you so much Laura and family for having us over!

My Sweet Baby!

Mini-Vacation to Kearney (and Lincoln & Omaha)

Right before we flew to Chicago, we were able to spend a few days on "vacation" with our good friends, the Boysens. My brother was also able to spend a little bit of that time with us as well. We had a blast with all of them and love the idea of vacationing with them in the future as well.We started off in Kearney, NE and went the Great Platte River Road Archway. Basically it is a museum that is a bridge over Interstate-80. A fun little place to go to and learn a little history of the mid-west.

We spent the night in a hotel in Kearney that just so happened to have a swimming pool. So we trekked over to Wal-Mart to buy a little swimming suit for Emma. Needless to say, Emma's 1st swimming experience was not a pleasant one for her. I'm not surprised since she just learned to tolerate her bath time about 2 weeks before this. Plus, the water was SO COLD! You can see it in Emma AND Eric's faces below.

No pack 'n play tonight! Emma got a whole queen-sized bed to herself!
Black-Light mini-golf. Enough said...
Then we traveled to Lincoln. Spent the night with them and then headed up to Omaha to spend a few hours together before our flight to Chicago. We decided to visit the big walk-over bridge that spans the Missouri River. I hadn't realized this before but there is MAJOR flooding going on there so it was interesting to walk over the bridge and see it all.

We love the Boysens! Thank you so much for letting us spend this special time with you year after year! You are such great friends and such great support for us!